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Murrow™ - Two Seat Patterns

Murrow™ - Two Seat Patterns

Murrow™ - Two Seat Patterns


You know what's   sucky  about old couches...


They still feel great, they just look like they got attacked by a pack of   wolves.


Now you're   embarrassed  to even invite your friends over!


How good is that old couch? We'll answer that,   NO  good at all. 


You know what is   good? Being able to completely change the way your couch looks in less than   30 seconds.


With   MURROW'S COVER, you'll save your bank account and you'll finally have a living room thats worth talking about.



Spill Protection - Murrow is made from a water-repellent material. Easily wipe off any spills


Micro-sown to perfection - Made of high-quality symmetrical fabric, 85% Polyester and 15% Spandex, making a very secure and snug fit.


Double Reinforcement - Made from Military-grade material that's ideal for rough and dirty messes.



    Scratch/Tear Protect Don't worry about your pet's claws and teeth anymore, they are defenseless against our material.

    Easily Washable - Microfiber fabric that handles crumbs, fur, spills, and stains. Quickly remove all stains by removing and putting in the washer.

    Pet Friendly Material - Durable and odor-resistant fabric your pets will love, so you and your pet can live in comfort.




      1.  Align cover with tag in the back
      2.  Cover the sofa completely 
      3.  Extend strings and lift sofa
      4.  Tie the strings together
      5.  Tuck in material in gaps
      6.  Smoothen and make final adjustments



      1-Seater - Length 90 to 140cm/ 35 to 55 Inch. 

      2-Seater - Length 145 to 185cm or 57 to 72 Inch. 

      3-Seater - Length 190 to 230cm or 75 to 90 Inch. 

      4-Seater - Length 235 to 300cm or 92 to 118 Inch. 



      If I Wash The Cover, Will the Colors Fade?

      The Murrow cover is made from some of the best material this world offers.

      You can machine wash, with cold settings. Do not bleach. If drying, use the setting tumble dry low. This is important because it prevents the fabric from fraying and stretching. 

      The colors on the cover will not fade, so you can wash it as many times as you'd like. 


      How Long Is The Delivery Time?

      We take pride in delivering " Grade A" product satisfaction. That is why we inspect all orders prior to shipping them to ensure items meet quality standards. Orders take approximately 1-3 days to inspect.

      Average delivery times:

      US  7 -18 Days
      UK  5-12 Days
      Canada  7-18 Days
      Europe  7-18 Days
      Australia   7-15 Days
      Rest Of The World   12-20 Days


      How Many Do I Need?

      If you have multiple sofa pieces linked together, we recommend getting a cover for each piece. This will make sure your couch is completely covered, and the color looks uniform across the entirety of the furniture. 

      For example, if you have an L type sofa, you must buy 2 parts separately, the most popular size which would be a 3 seater and a 2 seater.



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